fujifilm x100f eric kim


fujifilm x100f eric kim

The Fujifilm X100F — the F stands for Fucking Fast// and Fucking Awesome.

Should I upgrade?

If you have a Fujifilm x100T, don’t upgrade to the x100F. Not different enough.

If you have a Fujifilm x100S, upgrade to the X100F. The autofocus is nearly perfect (9.9/10) and there is no shutter lag.

Also, I would recommend the FUJIFILM X100F over the FUJIFILM XT-2 for street photography — for the price, weight, and compactness.


The ISO dial on top of the x100F is new — quite cool.

Easy to change your ISO, but I usually like to set my ISO to 1600 and forget it.

I also like to shoot in “P” (program) mode on the X100F, by setting the aperture to A and the shutter-speed to A.

eric kim street photography x100f fujifilm-7030

When I shot on the streets of Bangkok with the X100F, I didn’t miss any ‘decisive moments’ in street photography.

JPEG for life

The colors in the X100F are superb, especially the ‘Classic Chrome’ JPEG mode. I prefer the JPEG over the RAW files.

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Autofocus joystick dial

There is a new joystick dial in the X100F — but I don’t like it. It gets in the way of your thumb. I would prefer the joystick dial in the next version to be a little more to the left.


The menu actually seems a little more complicated in the X100F. There is still far too much wandering in the menus to figure out what you want to change.

In-fact, I feel the X100T had a simpler menu.

Image quality

Image quality is superb, and the best color JPEG images in the industry. Nothing to change.


Camera turns on fast, and there is no lag when shooting on the streets.

The autofocus is insanely fast and accurate. The ideal camera for street photography.



I would make the design of the next X100 camera simpler.

Less branding. No need for “X100F” on top — we know it is the newer version with the ISO dial. No need for ‘Fujinon’ branding on top — it distracts.

No need for the text for ‘on’ and ‘off’.

I like the simplified 3-button system next to the LCD screen.

Also the grip on the X100F feels a bit cheap. I would prefer something more rubbery and grippy.

Should I buy it?

If you have a heavy DSLR and want something lighter for street photography and travel, yes buy the X100F. I am a huge fan.

If you want an everyday camera, buy a Ricoh GR II instead. It fits in your front pocket; and a better everyday camera.

Great job Fujifilm and Fujifilm ambassadors/testers. This version is quite superb, excited to see what you have up your sleeves for the next generation X100. Just make it simpler (menu, dials, and design).

I believe the Fujifilm x100F is the best value camera for street photography on the market (2017).

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