macro on/off Leica q2

Leica Q2 Review

The Leica Q2 is epic:

Macro opens up your eyes

Shoot macro to open up your eyes to new opportunities. Combined with the crop mode (you can use the crop mode in 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm)— you have so many more interesting new photo opportunities!

Macro on and off

Beautiful aesthetics

The bottom of the Leica Q2 is really beautiful — and the mechanisms to open the SD card and battery is awesome.

Open SD card slot and close
Battery mechanism

Exposure compensation dial

This dial rocks. Super clicky, tactile, and beautifully milled and built.

Exposure compensation dial

Fantastic on-off button

The click for turning the camera on and off is divine.

On/off switch

Crop mode

The crop mode button is quite possibly the most innovative feature — it is like having 4 lenses in one camera (28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm).

Crop modes


The Leica Q2 is one of the most thoughtfully designed cameras I’ve ever used, and I think it is definitely worth the $5k price tag. In fact, I think the Leica Q2 is an ultimate camera — no downsides.


I’d give the Leica Q2 a perfect 10/10 rating. Seriously no downsides here.

  1. Supreme build quality: Super high quality German engineering here. The dials and controls feel tight, precise, and beautifully crafted.
  2. Simple UI/UX: Everything makes sense in the menu and user settings. No superfluous buttons or dials on the camera.
  3. Fun to shoot with: Switching between the crop modes and using the macro mode is super fun. Photography and cameras should be optimized to be fun.
  4. Supreme image quality: Image quality is phenomenal. You don’t “need” better image quality than what the Q2 produces with JPEG and “vivid” color mode (max contrast, saturation, sharpness setting).
  5. Second version is always better: I was a bit skeptical of the first Leica Q, now it seems that they’ve perfected the camera with this second version. Here being a “late adopter” is good?
  6. Super fast: Super fast to turn on, super fast and accurate autofocus, and super fast buffering and shooting. You can shoot without lag or delay— which means capturing more decisive moments.

Photos by KIM

Shot on Leica Q2, JPEG, vivid color mode, max color and saturation and sharpness:

Image quality/sharpness

Some crops of the photos: