In Praise of Audacity

To be audacious means to love taking risks, being bold, to dare, and to venture for the uncertain, even though it might mean you will be hated, ridiculed, insulted, ignored, or fail.

Audacity as a mindset

If you’re audacious, you don’t mind being ridiculed.

When you say something audacious, you might upset or piss people off.

When you attempt audacious tasks or life goals, you have a higher likelihood of failing.

When you dress audaciously, you might become contempted by others, or insulted by others.

Being audacious means that you make yourself more vulnerable to attacks from others.

But if you’re strong enough, you don’t fear the attacks of others. Why? Because you’re strong enough to withstand it!

Why be audacious?

To be audacious means to be bold; almost “foolishly” bold.

A lot of people tell us to be “realistic”, but what they really mean to tell you is to be generic, the same, and boring.

For myself, the reason to be audacious is that it is less boring! Like Nietzsche said, “Life is too infinitely short to be bored.” By being bold, venturing, and risk loving in life, we live a more interesting, less boring, and more epic life!

When we adapt a more audacious mindset, we have mode energy, vigor, power, self-confidence, and self-assurance. Aren’t these feelings that everyone desires?

You got nothing to lose, everything to gain.

When being audacious, don’t censor yourself. Take the risk of saying “politically incorrect” things. Take the risk of talking to a stranger you’re interested in. Take the risk of asking someone for help.

At worst, you will be ignored. At best, you will gain benefits you cannot even imagine of!

When in doubt, take the more bold action

Life is all about action.

When in doubt, better to risk boldness than triviality (Peter Thiel).

Think big, dream big, and risk big!



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