yellow blue wall street photography ERIC KIM

Why Street Photography is So Fun

Street photography; one of my greatest joys and fun-things in life!

1. Why is street photography so fun?

The fun joy of street photography– it is like a video game:

  1. Timing, aim, framing
  2. Being outside, the small risk and adrenaline rush associated with street photography

2. Street photography is a fun game

A self-imposed and self-directed game.

I have been thinking a lot:

Why are first person shooter games (FPS) games so popular?

I think we humans like something about hunting/battle/fighting.

Iliad: the heroes (Ajax/Hector) fight by throwing their spears at one another, defend one another.

3. There are still so many innovations which have yet been discovered in street photography

Let us avoid the Procrustean Bed of ‘street photography’ as a narrowly defined genre for a few nerds. No– street photography is the ultimate democratic form of arts-creation (and lifestyle).

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