The more I think about it, street photography is truly all about courage. There seems to be no downside to exhibiting more courage in street photography.

Courage is having heart in the face of fear

In street photography, courage is everything. When I look back at my old photos I am the most proud of my photos in which I had some fear, but I took the risk to take the shot. And as a consequence, I look back at these older photos fondly …. these photos I shot which required great courage have lasted.

Street photography is pretty much all about guts

Without guts you cannot shoot street photography. And why does street photography require supreme confidence and courage? Because you are photographing other human beings! What is more scary than to photograph other human beings?

The secret to making memorable photographs

How do you make memorable photos? No guarantee, but it seems…

If you shoot a photograph which required you great courage to shoot, the photo is more likely to last.

Just focus on courage

In street photography don’t worry as much about composition and the such. Focus more instead on exhibiting courage!