Eric kim selfie sketch Kyoto

Street Photography is 80% Risk Taking!

The more risks you take in street photography, the happier you will be!

In modern society, we have been made scared. We don’t take risks anymore like we did in the more uncertain past.

Modern society discouraged risk taking. Were told to take the safe options in life. The few of us who actually do end up taking risks and stray from the common path are seen a “misfits” and bad.

What I love most about street photography is the fact that it allows us to bend the social rules. For example,

  1. Street photography allows us to take photos of strangers without their permission. In modern society this is a “no no”, and many of us are afraid to photograph others without their permission. Street photography is 80% risk taking — when you click the shutter you are taking a risk! The subject might get angry. But you’re shooting for the greater good, thus you’re taking a good risk!
  2. Whenever you click the shutter, the chance you make a good photo is very low, but you shouldn’t let that discourage you! Often you have to make tens and thousands of bad photos before you get one good street photograph. It’s my thought that “your first million street photos are your worst”.
  3. The more social risks you take in your street photography, the better you will become as a street photographer.

So friend, don’t worry about being a “good” or “bad” street photographer. Whether you make a good photo or not isn’t 100% in your control.

But it is in your control to take more risks!

So in street photography and life, when you’re in doubt… always take the more risky option!


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