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Is Hope a Vice?

I’ve always believed that ‘hope is dope‘ and we have always been indoctrinated in our society that hope is good.

But why is it that all the ancients saw hope as a vice?

Thoughts from MAD MAX

mad max fury road

An interesting thing in the film of MAD MAX Fury Road— the buildup was to find the ‘green place’ (Elysium, or some sort of paradise), but yet — it no longer existed. And the impetus was to go *BACK* to what was considered the wasteland, but at least it is the certainty of the ‘best of what we got’. In the film, the question:

If you had an option of going for an insanely uncertain option (99.9% chance of failure but the most extreme best option) or a 100% pretty-good option, best to go with the ‘pretty good/less-bad’ option.

For example, Option 1 is the chance of finding a green paradise. Option 2 is a kind of shitty, but survivable oasis. Best to choose Option 2– because it is certain.

Why is hope seen as a vice?

The Romans of past saw hope as a vice, because they knew that politicians would sell hope to the masses (often lying) in order to get elected and to gain power. And if we know in modern day politics (Obama and his Hope campaign)– there is only so much any 1 person or politician can do. And modern day capitalism and consumerism is based on the low-key promise:

If you just invest in x, y, z … or buy x, y, z … then you will become ‘happy’ — no more stress, cares, worries or anxieties.

Just be wary.

I say:

Whenever you witness some sort of promise being made, ask yourself — is hope being sold to me, and do I believe or buy it?




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