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MAD MAX FURY ROAD: Black and Chrome Version Review

MAD MAX FURY ROAD (Black and Chrome edition, buy the iTunes version and the Black and Chrome edition is viewable as an ‘Extra’) as a true masterpiece of film-making, story telling, and cinematography:

Why I loved it so much

Aesthetic thought:

Because the film is so high-key in action and epicness, the benefit of making it monochrome is that it makes it more ‘low key’– to thus balance out the film.

mad max fury road

The cinematography is great

Even George Miller says in an interview, that he believes it is the best version of the film:

On how he got inspired to make a black and chrome edition:

Generally the gist is that he saw a black and white cutted version of the old-school Mad Max 2 film he was making, and he liked how it looked visually, and thought– why not make Mad Max Fury Road into the monochrome as well?

Monochrome allows you to paint more of your imagination

I truly think Mad Max Fury Road is a magnum opus– a true masterpiece. I had watched it a few years ago, and suddenly while in arid desert-like Southern California summer heat, I thought about the barren desert– and thought about re-watching the film. I had yet watched the monochrome version, but I am glad I re-watched it again in monochrome. I feel in monochrome, it better distills the story, and helps you focus on the vastness, and allows you to paint the story with more of your imagination. Now seeing it in color — it is almost too jarring, too intense and extreme. But certainly for it to become a Hollywood blockbuster hit, it needed to be in color. But artistically, I feel it is superior in monochrome.

A film worth re-watching.

Something I learned via Nassim Taleb:

You only know whether you really like a film or an art work or anything if you are willing to re-watch it, and if you re-watch it … if you pick up certain things you appreciated from before.

And re-watching MAD MAX FURY ROAD, I did. I loved all of the certain notions like:

  • The spraying of the chrome on their mouths before going kamikaze, kind of what I would imagine Japanese Suicide pilots doing.
  • The cult-like world that the Immortan Joe was able to build up.
  • The philosophy that hope is bad, and perhaps a vicet (what all the ancients said).


MAD MAX FURY ROAD as a perfect 10/10.

Also — if you want more visual inspiration, stimulation and motivation, watch more films in black and white [7 Samurai].



Cinema and film as a great stimulus, aid and teacher for photographers and visual artists alike.


Cinema and film as a great stimulus, aid and teacher for photographers and visual artists alike.

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