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REVIEW: Justice League (Snyder Cut)

The new re-edited JUSTICE LEAGUE by Zack Snyder as insanely great:

The new modern epic?

The great thing about the new Justice League being released on HBO MAX:

No more creative “Procrustean Bed”.

While others might criticize the runtime if the Snyder cut, I think it’s brilliant. I didn’t find a single moment boring. Compare this to the original Justice League cut— I couldn’t even make it past that cringeworthy scene in the beginning (Superman being filmed) and also Batman with that infamous “they smell fear” (very cheesy) line.

Long and boring are not synonymous

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The strange bias is that people think that we no longer have an “attention span” but in fact, the most entertaining forms of media are interesting, deep, complex, emotional and have to do with human social relations.

For example, I think about Nassim Taleb (Bed of Procrustes) in which he says the best books tend to be very long (Anything by Tolstoy) or very short (Le Petit Prince). Thus if a story and an epic (like Justice League which has a lot of characters and heroes), having a longer runtime makes sense! I especially like the more time dedicated to building the backstory of Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Flash. Even the very loving scene between Clark Kent, Lois Lane and his mom — very touching and heart warming:

What makes great cinema?

I’m almost tempted to watch Justice League again — it’s just that good! Typically with films, movies and literature — you know how good it is based on whether you want to re-watch or re-read it again, and re-experience it. This also goes with traveling, people, foods, etc. For example, my enthusiasm and passion and love for Mexico City, Saigon, Hanoi — all places I want to go back to. Or my desire to re-watch the original Matrix and John Wick.


Back to Justice League

In praise of juxtaposition between humor and darkness

The humor of the Flash is actually insanely funny. And the darkness of the life story of Cyborg (and the death of his mom, and eventually the death of his father sacrifice is actually emotionally stirring). Even Batman (I thought initially Ben Afleck was a very bad Batman) shines through — he is determined. And the best line:

“What’s your superpower?”— “I’m rich”.

(A self reference to what we’re all thinking).

Great cinematography

If you want a master-class in terms of composition, framing, and how to frame or place your subjects, watch the film. Great great great cinematography the whole time:


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