Creative Procrustean Bed

A thought while watching the new Zack Snyder cut of Justice League:

Wow— you can achieve soooo much more artistically when *NOT* given the basic constraints of the typical 1.5-2 hour film.

This is why the future for (great) films must be online and streaming— directors aren’t stuck in this “Procrustean Bed” of arbitrary constraints, just how there is arbitrary constraints on 30 minute TV shows (for the 5 minute commercial break), or how the typical pop or rap song is around 3 minutes long (or how the typical music album is around 12 songs long).

Then which makes me think: What other (arbitrary) creative Procrustean Beds do we put ourselves into? Social Media as a creative Procrustean Bed— you must follow their restraining template and format. Same goes with the typical photo book: printed matter as a Procrustean Bed because of costs, and production distribution costs.