Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Cinematography and Film Review

Once upon a time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino— a classic.

What I loved

  1. Phenomenal acting. Brad Pitt at his best — insanely cool. Strong Leonardo DiCaprio performance. All the actors were stellar.
  2. Great fighting sequences.
  3. Hilarious disgust of Hippies.
  4. Interesting behind the scenes look on Hollywood and film culture.
  5. Great cinematography — loved the multiple camera angles, perspectives, framing, and the color of the film.
  6. Hilarious and over the top violence at the end of the film — classic Tarantino style.
  7. The film really transports you to 1969. Nostalgia of seeing Westwood (UCLA downtown, where I went to college), as depicted in the 60s.

Highly recommend watching the film!

My favorite stills

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