Part 2: Citizen Kane Cinematography Composition

Citizen Kane continuation (from Part 1):

Extended shot 1

Watch the animated GIF above. This is one of my favorite ‘long shots’ from Citizen Kane. Note how it starts focusing on Kane as a child, then slowly zooming and panning out, then focusing on the movement of the adults:

Extended shot 2

The second extended shot, when they confront Kane outside:

Curve + Edge Detection

A nice scene here– note the curve on top of the frame, mirrored in the top hat of the man, and there is good separation (Edge Detection — outlined in red):

With the whole edges drawn in:

Specifically, note the critical white (negative) space– which separates his head from the background!

Surprise shot

Another nice technique– you get surprised to see the face of Kane as a young man (it was initially obscured by the paper):