Godfather Part 3 Cinematography

Thoughts on GODFATHER PART 3:

Godfather Part 3 wasn’t as good as Godfather Part 1 (the best), and Godfather Part 2 (second best), but I still think a solid film, and if you watched the two other Godfathers, there is no reason not to watch the film.

Some thoughts off the dome:

  1. Didn’t really like Al Pacino showing weakness in the film. I think they over-did it. I would prefer his more ruthless personality in the 1st or 2nd film. But I did really love his softness with his love with his wife Kay.
  2. The ending of the film (spoiler alert) is a good end to the film — a strong image of tragedy.
  3. I liked the last image of Al Pacino by himself, to teach us, ‘No matter if you have all the riches in the world, a man without family is nothing.’
  4. There was a really good drama and build-up in the film, especially towards the end of the assassination scene.
  5. In the Mafia world, lawyers are more valuable than hit-men.
  6. “Children are the most valuable gift”. Reminder when I have kids, don’t focus on money, power, or wealth– but the kids.
  7. Al Pacino’s daughter’s acting performance was sometimes cringing. I was confused why the acting was so bad. But then again, it did reveal the character of the girl as being naive. I think Sonny’s son did a good job playing out the character of the new Don, but still, lacks the chutzpah of the original Don and Al Pacino.
  8. Honestly The Godfather film series would have been best if it just ended on the second one, but still I think the last film is good.

Below are some screenshots of my favorite stills from the film:

Godfather Part 3_Page_001Godfather Part 3_Page_002Godfather Part 3_Page_003Godfather Part 3_Page_004Godfather Part 3_Page_005Godfather Part 3_Page_006Godfather Part 3_Page_007Godfather Part 3_Page_008Godfather Part 3_Page_009Godfather Part 3_Page_010Godfather Part 3_Page_011Godfather Part 3_Page_012Godfather Part 3_Page_013Godfather Part 3_Page_014Godfather Part 3_Page_015Godfather Part 3_Page_016Godfather Part 3_Page_017Godfather Part 3_Page_018Godfather Part 3_Page_019Godfather Part 3_Page_020Godfather Part 3_Page_021Godfather Part 3_Page_022Godfather Part 3_Page_023Godfather Part 3_Page_024Godfather Part 3_Page_025Godfather Part 3_Page_026Godfather Part 3_Page_027Godfather Part 3_Page_028Godfather Part 3_Page_029Godfather Part 3_Page_030Godfather Part 3_Page_031Godfather Part 3_Page_032Godfather Part 3_Page_033Godfather Part 3_Page_034Godfather Part 3_Page_035Godfather Part 3_Page_036Godfather Part 3_Page_037Godfather Part 3_Page_038Godfather Part 3_Page_039Godfather Part 3_Page_040Godfather Part 3_Page_041Godfather Part 3_Page_042Godfather Part 3_Page_043Godfather Part 3_Page_044Godfather Part 3_Page_045Godfather Part 3_Page_046Godfather Part 3_Page_047Godfather Part 3_Page_048Godfather Part 3_Page_049Godfather Part 3_Page_050Godfather Part 3_Page_051Godfather Part 3_Page_052Godfather Part 3_Page_053Godfather Part 3_Page_054Godfather Part 3_Page_055Godfather Part 3_Page_056Godfather Part 3_Page_057Godfather Part 3_Page_058Godfather Part 3_Page_059Godfather Part 3_Page_060Godfather Part 3_Page_061Godfather Part 3_Page_062Godfather Part 3_Page_063Godfather Part 3_Page_064Godfather Part 3_Page_065Godfather Part 3_Page_066Godfather Part 3_Page_067Godfather Part 3_Page_068Godfather Part 3_Page_069Godfather Part 3_Page_070Godfather Part 3_Page_071Godfather Part 3_Page_072Godfather Part 3_Page_073Godfather Part 3_Page_074Godfather Part 3_Page_075Godfather Part 3_Page_076Godfather Part 3_Page_077Godfather Part 3_Page_078Godfather Part 3_Page_079Godfather Part 3_Page_080Godfather Part 3_Page_081Godfather Part 3_Page_082Godfather Part 3_Page_083Godfather Part 3_Page_084Godfather Part 3_Page_085Godfather Part 3_Page_086Godfather Part 3_Page_087Godfather Part 3_Page_088Godfather Part 3_Page_089Godfather Part 3_Page_090Godfather Part 3_Page_091Godfather Part 3_Page_092Godfather Part 3_Page_093Godfather Part 3_Page_094Godfather Part 3_Page_095Godfather Part 3_Page_096Godfather Part 3_Page_097Godfather Part 3_Page_098Godfather Part 3_Page_099Godfather Part 3_Page_100Godfather Part 3_Page_101Godfather Part 3_Page_102Godfather Part 3_Page_103Godfather Part 3_Page_104Godfather Part 3_Page_105Godfather Part 3_Page_106Godfather Part 3_Page_107Godfather Part 3_Page_108Godfather Part 3_Page_109Godfather Part 3_Page_110Godfather Part 3_Page_111Godfather Part 3_Page_112Godfather Part 3_Page_113Godfather Part 3_Page_114Godfather Part 3_Page_115Godfather Part 3_Page_116Godfather Part 3_Page_117Godfather Part 3_Page_118Godfather Part 3_Page_119Godfather Part 3_Page_120Godfather Part 3_Page_121Godfather Part 3_Page_123Godfather Part 3_Page_124Godfather Part 3_Page_125Godfather Part 3_Page_126Godfather Part 3_Page_127Godfather Part 3_Page_128Godfather Part 3_Page_129Godfather Part 3_Page_130Godfather Part 3_Page_131Godfather Part 3_Page_132Godfather Part 3_Page_133Godfather Part 3_Page_134Godfather Part 3_Page_135Godfather Part 3_Page_136Godfather Part 3_Page_137Godfather Part 3_Page_138Godfather Part 3_Page_139Godfather Part 3_Page_140Godfather Part 3_Page_141Godfather Part 3_Page_142Godfather Part 3_Page_143Godfather Part 3_Page_144Godfather Part 3_Page_145Godfather Part 3_Page_146Godfather Part 3_Page_147Godfather Part 3_Page_148Godfather Part 3_Page_149Godfather Part 3_Page_150Godfather Part 3_Page_151Godfather Part 3_Page_152Godfather Part 3_Page_153Godfather Part 3_Page_154Godfather Part 3_Page_155Godfather Part 3_Page_156Godfather Part 3_Page_157Godfather Part 3_Page_158Godfather Part 3_Page_159Godfather Part 3_Page_160Godfather Part 3_Page_161Godfather Part 3_Page_162Godfather Part 3_Page_163Godfather Part 3_Page_164Godfather Part 3_Page_165Godfather Part 3_Page_166Godfather Part 3_Page_167Godfather Part 3_Page_168Godfather Part 3_Page_169Godfather Part 3_Page_170Godfather Part 3_Page_171Godfather Part 3_Page_172Godfather Part 3_Page_173Godfather Part 3_Page_174Godfather Part 3_Page_175Godfather Part 3_Page_176Godfather Part 3_Page_177Godfather Part 3_Page_178Godfather Part 3_Page_179Godfather Part 3_Page_180Godfather Part 3_Page_181Godfather Part 3_Page_182Godfather Part 3_Page_183Godfather Part 3_Page_184Godfather Part 3_Page_185Godfather Part 3_Page_186Godfather Part 3_Page_187Godfather Part 3_Page_188Godfather Part 3_Page_189Godfather Part 3_Page_190Godfather Part 3_Page_191Godfather Part 3_Page_192Godfather Part 3_Page_193Godfather Part 3_Page_194


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