Life Lessons From the MATRIX

How you can become Neo (the one):

1. Dodge bullets

You cannot change the fact that people will shoot bullets at you (hate on you, or tear you down in real life). However, we have the power to dodge the bullets.

In real life, people will shoot their hateful malice at us (like bullets). But we have the strength, speed, and ability to dodge those insults. To rise above them.

The lesson is: the next time someone insults you, visualize yourself dodging bullets like Neo from the Matrix.

2. Stop bullets in mid-flight

The next level, you won’t even need to dodge bullets anymore. Rather, you can stop to before they even hit you.

Remember that last scene in the Matrix, where all the agents are shooting at Neo. Neo lifts his hand, and stops the bullets in the air before they touch him. Then, they fall harmlessly to the ground.

The lesson is we have the power to overcome and stop our adversity, pain, and suffering in life. The secret is just knowing that you already have the inner power that allows you to overcome, or even stop adversity.

3. There is no spoon

We don’t bend the spoon. Rather, we bend ourselves.

The little kid said, “There is no spoon.”

To me, I think that means we cannot bend reality at will. Rather, we need to bend our own perceptions of reality.

We cannot become a trillionaire over night. But, we have the power to not want to become a trillionaire.

We cannot change the fact that we had pain and suffering in life. But we can change our life story, to think of our lives as a heroic battle, rather than us being the victim.


Be like Neo from the Matrix. You can do anything, as long as you belive in yourself.

No fear. No self doubt. We are all agents inside a false reality of a Matrix.

Like once held prisoners in Platos cave, we have seen the light (we took the red pill). Now it is our duty to help others see the light.

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