Ad Astra Cinematography Composition Film Review

AD ASTRA: the latest film with Brad Pitt which I really enjoyed. It ain’t as good as 2001 Space Odyssey, but still a solid film. My thoughts:

First of all, I really liked the cinematography and acting from Brad Pitt. Also I loved the realism of the film. It really does feel like the ‘near future’.

Why I liked the cinematography

Great job with side profiles, low-angle photos, high angle photos, and multiple layers of subjects.

My only critique is I felt that the drama wasn’t compelling enough. “Daddy issues” wasn’t deep or “scary” enough.

If you dig space films, highly recommend watching it!


Great cinema is a great stimulus to your photography!

For example a recent film I like: AD ASTRA


Extreme low angle vs extreme high angle

Putting yourself in the shoes of the actor

Seeing the hands of Brad Pitt in the reflection actually made me embody Brad Pitt in the movie. Isn’t this the goal of cinema and great art — putting yourself in the shoes of the characters and actors?

Symmetry and shapes

In focus and out of focus

Manual focusing — out of focus and in focus for drama.

Hand grabbing

To show the POV of the actor (seeing an outstretched hand) makes you want to stretch out your hand as well.

My favorite scenes and compositions from AD ASTRA



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