Ghost in the Shell Anime (1995) Cinematography, Composition, Philosophy Review

“Where shall I go? The net is vast and infinite.”

One of my favorite films of all time:


  1. Fantastic ideas on love and friendship (between Batou and the Major)— Batou has got “skin in the game”(literally) when saving the life of the major.
  2. Excellent sumo deadlift form by the Major when trying to rip open the hatch of the spider tank. +1 to doing Sumo (instead of conventional) deadlifts.
  3. Unfortunate idea that the soul (your “ghost”) is somehow separate or separable or transferable. Perhaps this is what drives Silicon Valley thinking on trying to reach “immortality” by transcending our body.
  4. Beautiful melancholy mood, colors, cinematography.
  5. Truth: humans have (and always will be) trying to continually augment themselves with technology to give them an edge.


Masterpiece. Watch it now!


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