Dynamic vs static calligraphy Eric Kim


The problem with cars:

Even if you buy the worlds best car, it is a static. It doesn’t keep on getting better, unless you keep upgrading it.

Also, the issue with most technology, once you buy it, it is static, it doesn’t just keep improving. Some exceptions include Apple devices, in which the software keeps getting upgraded and better, even though the hardware might stay the same.

This is the funny thing — why the INITIAL D or Midnight Tune Arcade video game racer might have more happiness and joy than the guy who owns a McLaren, Lamborghini or other exotic car in real life:

As he keeps playing, his car keeps getting upgraded with newer and better parts (whether cosmetic or engine based), and also, his/her skills improve in terms of racing ability.

Also, perhaps this is where I’m so passionate or interested in crypto, cryptocurrency, crypto technology, Bitcoin, etc:

As time goes on, it improves.

The network improves, the blockchain improves, more people use and adopt it, etc.


Figure 1: August 18– 540 pound attempt, but not strong enough yet. Also relatively slow pull upwards.

Also, why I love powerlifting —

To increase your physical strength is uber-obvious.

For example two weeks ago I attempted 540 pounds in my deadlift, and wasn’t strong enough (yet), then two weeks later, I became strong enough and successfully lifted it!

How does our body get stronger?

Figure 3: Interim deadlift, note 5 kg less on each side. Got it up easy!

To be specific, two weeks ago, I attempted 540 pounds, and got it a little off the floor, but my grip (specifically my left hand) gave out. My grip wasn’t strong enough, which meant my forearms and body wasn’t yet strong enough.

But after two weeks, and one trip to the gym (I lifted 5kg less on each side), and another week of all you can eat shabu shabu and meat, then my grip was insanely strong — and I lifted it without any grip slippages no problem!

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