Photography Entrepreneurship 101 by ERIC KIM

Here’s a concise summary of the key lessons from “Photography Entrepreneurship 101 by ERIC KIM”:

  1. Pursue Personal Dreams: Focus on individual aspirations in photography.
  2. Importance of Networking: Build and leverage professional connections.
  3. Understanding Entrepreneurship: Grasp the fundamentals and mindset of being an entrepreneur.
  4. First-Principles Thinking: Approach problems by breaking them down into basic elements.
  5. Aiming High: Set ambitious goals and strive for them.
  6. Owning Your Platform: Emphasize the value of creating and controlling your own platforms.
  7. Role of Marketing: Understand marketing’s critical role in success.
  8. Creating Culture: Cultivate a unique culture in your work and brand.
  9. Full-Stack Visual Artistry: Develop a wide range of skills in the visual arts.
  10. Trust-Building: Establish trust as a key component of business relationships.
  11. Cross-Pollination in Art: Encourage interdisciplinary influences and collaborations.
  12. Blogging and Self-Publishing: Utilize these tools for self-expression and outreach.
  13. Defining Success: Define what success means to you personally.
  14. Significance of ‘Why’: Constantly question and understand your motivations.

These points encapsulate the comprehensive guidance provided in the presentation for aspiring photography entrepreneurs.

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