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Impelled or Spurred?


When it comes to your work or life … do you have an inner impellation which drives you, or an external social expectation spur which drives you?

Why does the difference matter?

I say:

The only worthy actions or activities you do *MUST* be self-impelled.

Whenever we do anything because we feel like we *should* do it (spurred on by social expectations or other societal pressures), we end up hating our lives, or living in resentment of others.

In other words:

Never do anything you don’t personally care for. And you never need to ‘force’ yourself to do anything.

For example with writing and blogging — I write, blog and publish because I *must*. If I do not write and blog and publish certain ideas which I hold truly valuable, I cannot live with myself. I do it because I must, not because I am virtuous or ‘productive’.

Even applied to photography — there are certain photo opportunities I *must* photograph. Like the birth of my son, or even the pregnancy of Cindy.

Take the risk

Just take the simple risk:

Shun outside events, outside social expectations ruthlessly … and become *MORE* stubborn and hard-nosed about pursuing things which *YOU* truly care for!

Social risk-taking; personal entrepreneurship!



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