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What Types of Personalities Are We Drawn To?

We are drawn to radical, extreme, and enigmatic individuals. For example, our interest in Steve Jobs (everyone always loves to call him an ‘asshole’ or ‘unnecessarily mean’, but nobody denies he was a genius).

Same goes with Elon Musk — I don’t know 1 entrepreneur who doesn’t look up to him. Yet he gets soooo much negative press for being so ‘unprofessional’ on Twitter or whatever.

Even Donald Trump … almost all ‘educated’ folks hate his guts, and certainly he is almost like the anti-christ when it comes to the left-leaning liberal camp. But we cannot deny, he has definitely been the most talked-about president in the last 100+ years.

Kanye West another great example; everyone hates on him for having his own opinion. And if Kanye has taught me anything … it is that the most genius and brave thing you can do is to speak your own personal truth and not water it down, no matter how ‘bad’ it sounds.

Beyond basic notions of ‘success’

To think ‘success’ is a bit basic. To think deeper:

Who is talked about, mentioned, and either given extreme love/hate?

Better to have 100 people insanely love and/or hate you than have 100,000 people to feel ‘meh’ or lukewarm about you. People who radically love you will buy your products, attend your workshops, purchase your services. People who radically hate you will post negative things about you online… but this is good, as it actually spreads your name and gets your name out there.

And as Kanye West said:

“I’m not worried they will say something; I am worried they will say nothing.”

Even for myself, I feel more ‘successful’ or impactful when I get 1000 negative comments, than 0 comments.

The worst thing is to go through life with no enemies, no people who hate you, despise you, or throw shade on you.

My notion of ‘anti-success’:

You can measure how ‘successful’ you are proportionately to the amount of hate you get online.

Nobodies aren’t hated online. Only interesting characters are hated online.

So in short:

Better to be famous and hated, than loved and unknown.



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