The Intolerant Left

As a Bay Area (born and raised) liberal (former) Democrat, I really don’t like left politics anymore. Why? In some ways, the left is becoming even MORE intolerant than the “backwards” right.

Why the intolerant left?

I can speak as a liberal who grew up in uber-leftist Bay Area (East Bay). Being born in 1988, I’ve witnessed the evolution of political correctness and also the evolution of notions of “tolerance”, “equality”, and so forth.

The big problem:

Now with Bay Area liberal politics, you’re not “allowed” (tolerated) to have differing opinions.

For example let’s say I’m from the Bay and I support Trump (I don’t), but if this were the case… I would not be “allowed” to be a Trump supporter in public. It wouldn’t be tolerated. If I openly admitted or shared I were a Trump supporter in Berkeley, I’d probably get burned at the cross.

My view and vision of tolerance


I don’t like your opinion or way of thinking, but as long as your thinking and actions aren’t violent or incite violence, I will bear with your views.

This is true tolerance. A society with the maximal amount of tolerance is the best society.