Overrated underrated

A thought the other day:

What’s underrated in life, and what’s overrated in life?

My thoughts:

What’s Overrated, What’s Underrated?
What’s Overrated, What’s Underrated?


  1. Sleep is underrated. Productivity is overrated.
  2. Cars are overrated. Walking is underrated.
  3. Shooting film is overrated. Shooting digital is underrated.
  4. Bench press is overrated. Deadlift is underrated.
  5. Leica is overrated. Ricoh is underrated.
  6. Tesla is overrated. Toyota is underrated.
  7. iPhone is overrated. iPad is underrated.
  8. Sunlight is underrated. Indoors is overrated.
  9. Email is overrated. Phone calls (audio only) are underrated.
  10. Merino wool clothing is underrated. Cotton is overrated.
  11. Sneakers are overrated. Barefoot is underrated.
  12. Reps are overrated. One rep max is underrated.


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