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iPad Over iPhone

Something people don’t think about:

I think the iPad as a creative tool is 1000x more interesting, useful and artistic than an iPhone.

Or in other words, better to get iPad Pro over an iPhone Pro.

My critique of Apple’s marketing and direction for iPad Pro:

The iPad isn’t a computer. It is a visual artist creativity art tool.

Adding all these keyboards and pencils is bad. Steve Jobs (while he was still alive) was insanely anti keyboard attachments for iPad and super anti stylus devices. Don’t you see what Apple and Tim Cook did after Steve died?

  1. Made a big iPhone variant (Steve Jobs would have abhorred the notion). The iPhone “Plus” and “Max” as a monstrosity.
  2. Introduced keyboard and the Apple “pencil” (I hate this notion) to iPad. iPad is best when you use it with no cover, no pencil, no external keyboard.
  3. Made an iPad Mini (Steve Jobs deemed the “normal” size for the iPad as optimal). Even the bigger iPad canvas is something Steve would have hated.
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