iPhone Pro has Arrived

I’ve never bought an iPhone in my life, and I never thought the iPhone was “good enough”in my eyes to become my primary computer, or even my primary camera.

But after a week of testing, I can say: the iPhone has arrived.

Auto processing on iPhone beta OS is excellent!
  1. Best finish: Matte black, no case, most beautiful, comfortable, and aesthetic back. The matte back feels like skin. I forget I’m holding the phone.
  2. Truly all-day battery: Finally a phone where you can literally use it all day for photography, computing, writing, reading, and everything, and make it BEYOND a full day.
  3. Great camera: The iPhone Pro with the new Beta OS truly flexes its muscles. The texture, details, and image quality of the iPhone Pro is strong, the new night sight mode is good, and also the in-camera post processing is excellent. Even the new “auto”post processing settings are super solid.
  4. Recharges super fast: A tip— use the iPad Wall charger to recharge your iPhone Pro — it recharges it wayyy faster.
  5. Excellent brightness: Either indoors or outdoors. Also screen is extremely sharp — I can read PDF books on it, without having to zoom in!
  6. iPhone Pro as the ultimate mobile device: Get the smaller (or “normal sized”one). I write on it with IA WRITER app, read ebooks on the iBooks App, shoot photos with default camera app, and blog directly here. The haptic feedback is great, and I can also sketch (Zen brush 2, Procreate app) from anywhere!

iPhone Pro is perfect

The iPhone Pro is a perfect phone and mobile device. It’s arrived. The great news — it’s only gonna keep getting better.

My practical suggestion: just buy it in cash, or if you really want one, do the monthly payments or whatever. At $999 (cheapest model in space grey), its the best “bang for the buck”device known to man.

Don’t own a car, don’t own a home, don’t buy new clothes, don’t buy new shoes, don’t buy new watches, don’t buy new cameras, don’t buy new video cameras, don’t buy new e-readers, don’t buy new books, don’t buy new TV’s, don’t buy new headphones— just get iPhone Pro.


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