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In praise of the freedom of (politically incorrect) speech.

The thought police

We live in a very bizarre brave new / 1984 world where we aren’t “allowed” to say certain things. For example: I am not “allowed” to say outloud in a room of intellectuals that I “love to eat meat”. Or you cannot say (as a left leaning liberal) that “I don’t think Trump is that bad” etc. We are punished and penalized in modern society by speaking our mind… even though we live in America which is supposed to be the most tolerant society in terms of free speech on the planet. I have been to most of the “liberal” places in the world and truth be told, America is the best country for freedom of speech.

American black eagle

Why is everyone so obsessed with politics, the media and sports?

My theory:

It is okay to have an opinion regarding superfluous matters like sports, media, and even politics. Why? You never need to own your own opinion; you can always scapegoat someone else.

For example regarding politics (I consider politics as entertainment), you can always quote some statistics, some study, or some NPR article or some New York Times article, and if you’re later proven “wrong”, you can blame the external source, commentator, etc.

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