To better understand almost anything and everything … just. follow the money.

For example … if we want to better understand systems of oppression in the world, it ain’t about racism for the sake of racism. It is about slavery.

Digital Sharecropping

Why slavery?

Slavery is:

You conquer a certain people, and you force them (against their own will) to use their manual hand-labor for you… for free. To enrichen you and your community, tribe, nation, etc.

I know we the new slaves, I know that we the new slaves, I’m about to wild the fuck out … I’m going Bobby Bouchet

Consider … in America, much of what we got was built on the back of slaves. Why? Because we wanted free labor! And this is the goal of slavery. It isn’t because we want to enslaven people for fun. We just want to exploit them for their labour, because we don’t wanna do the dirty work ourselves.

What is war all about?

If we consider the Iliad, what are the dramas? Why do they do what they do?


Conquer more places, for more human slaves, free human labor, more riches, more land, more oxen, etc.

In the Ancient Greek world … it didn’t really matter who you were. Either you were slave or a free man.

What makes a free man?

Let us consider ancient Sparta. Poor, self-reliant, severe, hard. This seems to be the goal.



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