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Why I’m So Passionate About Philosophy

Philosophy is king. To me — there is nothing that stimulates me more than philosophy. To stimulate my mind. To give new birth and genesis to new ideas and thoughts. Philosophy as the broad base in which everything stands and grows.


I’ve realized for myself — my greatest passions:

  1. Philosophy
  2. Art and arts creation
  3. Physical culture
  4. Music

If my life circles around these things, I am insanely happy.

What’s the deepest root?

If you Wikipedia anything enough, you’ll sooner or later get back to the philosophy page. Also, if you think of the roots of any artist, creator, entrepreneur — there is a philosophical root.

For example, a lot of Christian thought comes from Plato. A lot of notions of virtue comes from Stoic thought (Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus). Many artists in the past have been influenced by Christian art and theology (Salvador Dali). And it seems even all artists eventually get down to some existential questions (why am I alive? What is the purpose of existence, etc?) Even Kanye West deep down is a Christian, and was from the start (Jesus Walks). Ironically enough much of rap music is deeply rooted in Christianity— consider all these rappers who grew up with mothers who went to church, etc.


Even much entrepreneurship is deeply rooted in philosophy. For example, Elon Musk believes that humans will probably fuck up the Earth and make it uninhabitable. Thus his goal is to create companies and industries (electric, renewable) to prevent humans from destroying Earth, and also making space travel possible (the philosophical belief in a new world, new future, new explorations).

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What is the purpose of humanity and our end-game?

Much of philosophical thought is this.

What is the purpose of humanity? Toward which means and ends should we devote our lives and human metabolism towards?

Also — to direct human evolution and growth. What does “evolution” even mean in the humanistic sense?

Discovering new answers, new ideas, new suggestions

Certainly in life there are only so many “fucks” you can give. The philosophical question:

Which ends do I deem my “fucks” and cares worthy of myself?

Augmenting human modes of creation and expression

I cannot speak for you, but something I’m passionate towards — discovering new methods, techniques and approaches to help other humans augment their modes of artistic and creative expression. And I’m the guinea pig.

There is no truth

So what’s the end game of philosophy? None. This is what makes it so fun. The ultimate game, puzzle, riddle. As long as humanity exists, we shall be puzzling and combating over different philosophical doctrines and ideas. A noble goal—

Devote your personal life in philosophical inquiry, thought, self reflection, meditation, then creation.

It ain’t enough to think. One must also create. To write, blog, vlog, etc. To express your ideas and put them out there.

This future belongs to you.


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