Calligraphy eric kim


What’s the purpose and end goal of life? To make art.

All art is good.

Calligraphy eric kim

Contrary to popular knowledge, all forms of art are equally good and legitimate. What’s more important:

Which avenues of art best express your soul?

For me, it depends. Some days I love calligraphy:

Other days I like to analyze paintings, like those of Leonardo:

Other days, I just like to walk and make photos:

Even within photo, all colors and palettes are legit. For example my love of monochrome:

Video is art

Making videos is art as well. You can express yourself in so many different manifold ways with video — audio, visual, movement, your thoughts, speech, and more.

Not just vlogging as an art, but simple videos too:

We love having more appendages, modes, and pipes and channels for creative out-pression

I call it creative outpression— the idea that we got all this creative power and force within us, and the great joy we get is pressing it outwards from within ourselves!

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