You’re Constantly in a State of Becoming in Photography

My thought:

There is no “finality” for you as a photographer or artist. Instead, better to consider that you’re always in a state of becoming as a photographer and visual-artist.

Your taste in photography is always changing and in flux

Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs
Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs

For example, there is no final state for you in photography. Your tastes are always changing and in a state of flux in photography. In the past, your taste in photos were different. Today they are different. In the future, your taste in photography will change.

Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs
Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs

For example, lately I’ve been noticing that I like shooting street photography from a distance. The joy of making my subjects look a bit smaller, and photographing more of the scene and environment.

But this preference will change and evolve over time, and this is what makes street photography the ultimate never-ending game! (the eternal creative cycle).

Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs
Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs

Why are we so caught up on the final destination?

Perhaps this is because of modern times. We are all in such a rush to “become successful” and to “win in life”. We are all too hurried and in a hyper-rush in modern times.

The cadence of our lives needs to be slower. We must enjoy our lives in a moment-to-moment basis, a day-to-day basis. Also, spending some time reflecting on our progress and movement in life, and finding great gratitude in it.

Movement is key

Mexico City, 2019 #cindyproject
Mexico City, 2019 #cindyproject

My thought:

If you keep moving in life, you will gain!

If we take the philosophy of “becoming” seriously, then it means that there is no such thing as gain and no such thing as loss. All is change, flux, and becoming.


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