I think you really love a place if you’re as happy coming as you are leaving.

Today I left Mexico City, and I have a deep sense of gratitude. A deep sense of gratitude for Cindy, my experiences, all the food, my workshop students, my friend Todd, and all of the photos I’ve made.

The goal isn’t to stay somewhere forever

I always thought in the past:

If I could only find a “perfect” place to live, I could live there forever and be perpetually happy, blissful, and joyful and thus fulfill the purpose of my life.

But in truth, this place doesn’t exist, nor should it exist.

For myself, as long as I’m creatively productive, I’m happy. The place isn’t the most important thing.

And it seems the secret to maximize your creative productivity is to live in a state of flux — flux with where you’re living, your living conditions, and everything in general.

All change is good change.

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