Human eye retina

How to Increase Your Visual Perception

Human eye retina

How do you SEE MORE and PERCEIVE MORE in photography?

  1. Give your eyes a break: Get a massage during the day for an hour and a half. Close your eyes. Relax them. Go on a walk with your camera, your eyes will instantly be more relaxed and perceptive. Or just take a nap somewhere.
  2. Don’t look at your phone: Don’t let your eye balls constantly be assaulted with visual images, blinking on your 5 inch phone or device. Uninstall Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for a week, and I can guarantee you will see more photo opportunities in real life.
  3. Deconstruct images by tracing them. I do this on an iPad and Procreate app, to figure out why a certain photo or image is interesting. I’ve discovered that good images have texture, dynamic movement, curves, diagonals, or off-center or non-symmetrical composition. You can do this on a piece of paper.
  4. Look up. When you’re in the streets, don’t get stuck at street level. Look up. Pause. Treat walking in the streets like a ZEN FLOW experience.
  5. Coffee or tea, aka, caffeine. Caffeine stimulates your adrenaline system which activates your visual perception. So have a double shot of espresso before you go shoot.
  6. Walk 25% slower than you normally do. Look around.
  7. Stare at people and things. If people are uncomfortable with you staring at them, just smile, wave, and compliment them on their look.
  8. Let yourself get bored. When your partner goes to the bathroom at dinner at a restaurant, don’t look at your phone. Look at the architecture inside, and let your eye wander.
  9. Follow your visual curiosity. Study architecture, interior design, perspective, leading lines, furniture, sculpture, fashion, clothing, cars, watches, and anything that catches your eye. Sketch it. Don’t buy it, just observe, study, and analyze it.
  10. In regards to your eyes: use it or lose it. Always be looking. Wander down random alley ways. Enter random businesses that catch your eye. Let your visual curiosity lead your way.

Light physics

Texture in eyes, and expression in eyes

Avedon Portrait of Ezra Pound

Texture in eyebrows

Richard Avedon.

Dynamism, blur, movement

Twiggy by Avedon
Avedon x Kim


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