Eternal Creative Cycle

Treat everyday like a mini-lifetime. Create today as if you will die tonight.

To be eternally creative:

  1. Create things from morning to night.
  2. Perhaps fast until evening (no breakfast and lunch, only dinner) in order to maximize your potential for creative activity. Avoid “food coma” during the day, to create as much as you can during waking hours.
  3. At night, prioritize sleeping early (no watching videos or looking at screens/no audio-visual-kinesthetic stimulation before you sleep). This will ensure you will have prime energy for tomorrow.
  4. To find inspiration or motivation to create, walk more. Walk more through parts of your city or town which are more foreign. Perhaps shoot photos on your phone, and quickly edit and process photos on your phone, and share them to your own website/blog.
  5. Dont aim for “perfection”— just create for fun. Treat your creative play like a child (no rules).
  6. Maximum human lifespan is theoretically 120 years, yet you might live far less than that. Thus optimal strategy is to live everyday like you will die tonight (memento mori).