The Unexamined Life Isn’t Worth Photographing

As a reminder, the purpose of photography is to help us live a richer and more fulfilling life!

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

I believe in modern society with the camera, it is the ultimate tool of self-expression, self-exploration, self-examination, and self-introspection.

To me, photography helps me live life more consciously. Whenever I have a camera in my hand, I notice and appreciate more of the small, ordinary, and mundane joys of my everyday life!

I often think we make the wrong mistake in life, of wanting to take better photos, instead of living a more epic and fulfilling life!

Once again, I think the ultimate goal is to live the best possible life. And photography is a tool to help us live that epic life.

Don’t get confused: don’t try to live a more interesting life to take better photos.

Inevitably, if you live a more fulfilling life, you’re going to be more inspired to take more meaningful photos.

Even as a side note, I’ve been so happy and joyful the last few weeks, here in Saigon with Cindy, that I’ve been writing more spontaneous poetry! But the realization was this:

  1. First live a happy and fulfilling life
  2. Then, you will start to spontaneously make happier and more fulfilling artwork, whether photos, poetry, videos, music, dance, or whatever!

Do you take photos for the gram or yourself?

Do you make photos for impressing others on Instagram, or do you shoot for yourself?

I say always, first shoot for yourself. Everything else will follow.


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Cindy with framed hands. Saigon, 2017

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