Cindy with hand on chin, and lamp. Berlin, 2017 #cindyproject

Photography is the Elixir of Life

Cindy with hand on chin, and lamp. Berlin, 2017 #cindyproject
Cindy with hand on chin, and lamp. Berlin, 2017 #cindyproject

Why is photography important to our lives?

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Red: A bold color for photography
Red: A bold color for photography

To me, I want to live a joyful life, full of inspiration, full of meaning, full of excitement, and curiosity.

I want to always find a reason to wake up. I want to sing the joys of being alive. I want to share my passion of life and living with others.

Kyoto street photograph of woman at temple, 2017
Kyoto street photograph of woman at temple, 2017

What better way to do this with photography, which shows our viewers:

The world is a phenomenal, beautiful, and amazing place.

Also, photography is the elixir of life — making pictures and visual art is what keeps us alive. It is what allows us to strive to be more adventurous, take more risks, and have more fun while we’re alive.

A purpose driven life as a photographer

Above: Photograph / Below: Picture
Above: Photograph / Below: Picture

Most of us are depressed because we feel a sense of purposelessness or “ennui” (existential boredom) in life. We feel nihilist — that everyone has no purpose, and is for “nothing” (nihil).

But no. Your life has purpose and meaning.

As a photographer, you are a visual artist. You were blessed with a gift of your eyes and vision.

You are a seer. Someone who has magical eyes, for seeing hidden beauty in the world.

Your duty as a photographer is meaningful — endow your viewer for more appreciation of life and living.

First make pictures that bring YOU joy!

Do your pictures promote life? Do your pictures show beauty, joy, and happiness? Do your pictures MOTIVATE others to also make their own pictures?

Make sure that first and foremost, your pictures bring YOU joy. Your photographic elixir of life should first be used by you — to quench your own thirst.

Then, share your photographic elixir of life with others. Because what use is sharing your photographic elixir of life, if you don’t have a zest for living and life?

STAY INSPIRED, AND BE CREATIVE EVERY DAY! You’re talented, gifted, and you have a lot of visual presents to share with the rest of humanity.




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PHOTO JOURNAL: Personal Photography Reflections

photo journal coffee

PHOTO JOURNAL: Discover your personal meaning in photography.

Photography Philosophy

Why do you make photos? Reflect in PHOTO JOURNAL:


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