Living life with only upside, no downside.

Is it possible to live life with only upside and no downside? I think so!


  1. Stoicism: Interpret all events in life as positive, not negative. Even ‘bad’ events in your life are strengthening agents.
  2. Economics: Don’t own a car (just Uber/Lyft everywhere) — no stress associated with car ownership, or parking. With living situation, best to NOT own a home (stress associated with home ownership and maintenance as well), and not being tied down to a single location.
  3. Only do work you like doing, and don’t do work you don’t like doing. Better to be poorer with more freedom, than to be richer with less personal freedom.
  4. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” (Nietzsche): Once again, the events which occur in your life which attempt to destroy you will be your stimulus to growth — your stimulus to become more powerful!

Basically the notion is this:

How to extract the maximum from existence and reality, with as little toilsome (hateful) labor as possible!



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