Pursue entrepreneurship for your own personal and selfish aims:




What I combat

One of the bad trends in entrepreneurship:

You feel as if you need a massive team, and billions of dollars in funding before you actually do anything or build anything.

Or even a more basic notion:

We no longer believe in solo entrepreneurship — that we as a solo (individual person) can do anything by ourselves.

The purpose of this essay is the following:

To encourage us — we as solo entrepreneurs can do much!

Eagles fly solo

“Philosophers are not made to love one another. Eagles do not fly in company. That is for partridges and starlings. Gliding above with claws is the destiny of geniuses.” – Galiani [via Nietzsche]

Consider– with a laptop and the internet, you are somewhat of a Demi-god. As an individual, you can do insane feats of strength. With blogging, websites, the internet, computer science, etc — you can build massive monuments, just yourself — SOLO!

Why solo?

One of the great things about thinking solo:

All of your successes or failures depend on you.

I wonder —

Perhaps the reason we build companies because the individual is too afraid to take extreme responsibility in their own lives.

If you’re working in a company or with others, you can always blame someone else. If you’re working solo — it all depends on you.

For your personality, do you like having 100% control? Or do you prefer to blame others? Perhaps this is what separates us solo-eagles with partridges (that fly together).

Is solo entrepreneurship a myth?

There is a new trend in which sheepish people try to denigrate the genius of individuals. For example, there was a recent Steve Jobs book in which the (most likely small-souled author) said:

Steve Jobs wasn’t as great as we thought he was — most of his successes should be attributed to others.

Of course this is true. No genius is an island — a genius attributes much of their success to their parents, their upbringing, their environment, their society, random things they were exposed to, and the technology of their times. But still — geniuses are possible. And especially now that we are in the future — I believe we should be directing more energy and effort to breeding more great individuals, instead of trying to create more billion$+ “unicorn” companies.

Perhaps we should strive to create more unicorn billion$+ individuals (the KANYE WEST YEEZY effect).

Where are the visionaries?

In today’s age, we got tons of big companies, but how many true visionaries do we got?

Well, some visionaries I admire:

Why did these great visionaries build companies? My theory:

Once a great individual is so epic, they need to discharge their overflowing power into something external — which becomes a company.

Once again my theory:

Strive to build yourself to the maximum limit of your power. Once you hit that limit, then you must branch off and build a company (which becomes an externalization of your genius and ego).

When we look at great companies, don’t look at the company — think of the soul of the individual. For example, Tesla ain’t Tesla — it ain’t a car. Tesla is the steel-embodiment of the genius of Elon Musk. Yeezy sneakers aren’t sneakers– they are an externalization of the artistic genius of KANYE WEST. HAPTIC products ain’t stuff– they are an externalization of ERIC KIM’s aesthetic philosophy.

Don’t mix morals and ethics into entrepreneurship

The problem with modern society:

We only see entrepreneurship as worthy if it fulfills some sort of “good” moralistic and ethical notions of utilitarianism (for the good of the masses).

For example, a company is only seen as ‘morally good’ if it “improves the lives” of others, if it “empowers others”, or fulfills any altruistic ends.

Altruism is good, but I believe more in selfishness. Better to be insanely selfish, and let your overflowing surplus end up (unintentionally) help others.

Once again, to be clear–

The philosophy of entrepreneurship is to build something ‘beyond yourself’, because you are somehow a “good person”.

But what if you pursued entrepreneurship for personally selfish reasons? Most people would say that is “unworthy” or “illegitimate”. But if you truly desire solo entrepreneurship, then–

You must pursue entrepreneurship only for YOUR PERSONAL selfish, self-centered, and individual aims.


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