Substance Marketing #entrepreneurship

Beyond content marketing. Let us strive to create substantive ‘substance’ (not “content”).

Content is an anonymous pink sludge

I hate the word ‘content’. It essentially is a catch-all phrase which describes this pink-sludge crap that artists make.

To call the artistic creations of someone as “content” is demeaning. I would prefer people call “content” as “artwork” or something else (my term is “substance”).

When I think of ‘content’, I think of the random pink sludge that makes McDonald Chicken Nuggets.

Why substance?

The notion of substance is good, because substance has weight, atoms, solidity, and depth.

My notion of ‘substance marketing’ is this:

Through your blog, website, YouTube channel, whatever– you create substantive art-works which reveal and express your soul.

Essentially your online marketing is trust-building, to signal to others that you are deep and substantive, not shallow and superficial.

Profound and deep

I feel that if you want people to purchase your products, attend your workshops/experiences, or for you to succeed as an entrepreneur — you must prove your worth, value, and substance to others. And how do you do this?

  1. Showing your legitimacy through your knowledge, your art-works
  2. Communicating your personal philosophy with others
  3. Not watering down your message or your thoughts. To allow your fully-concentrated ideas communicate to others, without watering it down. For example, I love my cold brew coffee “un-cut” (100% concentrated). Watered down cold brew coffee seems like a small injustice.

100% you

Never water yourself down. Directly communicate yourself, your soul, and your entire being into the art-works you create.