How to Differentiate Yourself as a Photographer

A thought:

Now that all cameras are good, and that the iPhone Pro (the ultimate equalizer in photography) has arrived — what is the best way to differentiate yourself as a photographer?

Some ideas:

First of all, shoot yourself. Make photos which are personal, of your own life. We’ve already seen a trillion travel photos of India, Europe, etc. What we want photos of is of your own personal life!

Second, stay consistent for certain periods of time in your aesthetic. For example, try to master monochrome (or color). Of course you can shoot both, but to spend long periods of time trying to master one aesthetic will help differentiate yourself. For example I’ve shot monochrome and color, and I always come back to monochrome. And now most people know me for the “high contrast black and white”look.

Third, make your own website or blog. Don’t be a prisoner or slave to Instagram. Instagram will give you the good dopamine hits of likes and followers in the short term, but take a look at crack junkies — do you wanna be like that?

Photograph what you care about or what you consider beautiful

Photograph in places you like. For me, this includes coffee shops, art places, and the streets. My ideal is to have perpetual energy — to walk around all day, and always shoot and exude creative energy.

It’s all about growth, evolution, and change

Differentiate yourself as a photographer and visual artist on a daily basis to yourself. Ask yourself:

Am I a different photographer and visual artist today than I was yesterday?



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