Can You Handle Extreme Freedom? #entrepreneurship

Once you realize you got the best stuff, is it liberating or depressing?

After spending my whole life striving to get the best stuff, the best devices, the best tools, the best lifestyle, money, fame, freedom, etc; has this been more liberating or depressing?

My realization:

It has made life deeper, more complex, more interesting, more difficult, more challenging.

Having all the stuff and financial freedom has helped free up my mind to pursue deeper philosophy and art. But what I’ve discovered: to be able to employ your abundant leisure well is insanely hard. I feel as if everyday I’m experimenting everyday to live a “better”, more productive, and more meaningful life.

Can you handle abundant leisure and otium?

I will make the radical claim that I think most people cannot handle abundant leisure and freedom. I think if most people are suddenly freed of their 9-5 jobs, they would become extremely depressed and distressed because they wouldn’t know how to effectively utilize their time. Apparently this happens much with people once they retire; they fall into an existential crisis and pit, and have no idea what to do with their lives.

Of course it’s best if you gained independence in your life from money, location, etc. It is my firm belief and conviction that in order to reach your fullest potential you cannot have a 9-5 job of any sorts. Even self-employment isn’t always sufficient either, if you’re a slave to your own company and business.

The goal is extreme freedom and extreme abundance of creative leisure, with the minimum of duties, worries, cares, and concerns.

How to best life with extreme freedom

  1. Slow: No need to rush. A hurried life is unaesthetic. Savor in what you delight in, with 0 ounces of guilt for “wasting time”.
  2. Artistic production: The ultimate end of human life as artistic and philosophical production. Thus optimize your life in the most favorable way to maximize your artistic creation!
  3. Physical culture: Better to train your body than your mind. More reality in the physics of weight lifting and powerlifting than “enlightenment of the mind”. In fact, most of my great ideas come to me spontaneously while I’m at the gym and lifting weights. All the wisdom is already within yourself, not in some book or Ted talk.

Conclusion: It’s up to you!

You dictate how you want to live your life and your own personal life goals. If you desire extreme freedom in your life, it seems essential you must become an entrepneur.

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