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Why Hustle?

“Nil sine magno vita labore dedit mortalibus.” (Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work) – Horace

Everyday I’m hustling!

Rick Ross

If there is one ethic I’ve learned being an American and Korean, it is this:

You can be successful in anything as long as you’re willing to work hard (enough) for it.

To me, this is the ultimate optimistic philosophy. Why? It doesn’t matter how smart you are, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, and it doesn’t matter what your external circumstances are.

You cannot control your external circumstances, but you can control how hard you decide to work (hustle).

Don’t work for work sake

dr dre hustle-red
Dr. Dre — ultimate hustler.

You want honorable hustle; noble hustling towards something you truly believe in. I call this “purposeful hustle”.

Don’t think of hustling as just answering a bunch of emails, and trying to earn money for the sake of earning money. Instead, determine what you want to achieve and become in life, and then hustle hard in the activities which will make that dream a reality.

dr dre producing
Dr. Dre in the studio; his perfectionism drives him forward to make epic and timeless music.

For example I am passionate about empowering myself and others. Thus, I devote almost all of my hours to studying, research, philosophical inquiry, thinking, writing, talking, and recording.

I hustle hard in my blogging, photography, vlogging, and knowledge-production.

You choose.

Elon Musk: one of my heroes.

Only hustle hard in what you truly believe in, what you’re truly passionate about. Don’t hustle hard in what others say is best for you; only hustle hard for what you have determined is best for you.

This way you will never run out of motivation, inspiration, and energy for your passion!

What if I don’t know what my passion is?

What do you like to do for fun? What do you like to do that is very hard and challenging, even if you didn’t get paid for it? What could you do day and night without fatigue?

Think back to your childhood. What were your passions, dreams, hobbies, sports, and activities you enjoyed as a kid?

I encourage you not to just think that hustling is about earning money. You can hustle hard in your passions which don’t have a monetary reward.

You can hustle hard in your nonprofit work, your volunteer work, your artistic work, or any work that you feel strongly about; hustle in what you care about, and what you have a natural enthusiasm towards.

You cannot fake passion or enthusiasm in life

Furthermore, don’t be humble. Proudly state to yourself what you’re good at, and what comes naturally to you. Build upon your strengths and archimedes lever in life.

selfie flash mirror green Ricoh

You were destined to do dope shit on life. Don’t squander your life, potential, talents, and skills. Never downplay your abilities; you’re great. Share your gifts with others, and never stop developing yourself to the furthest extent possible!


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