Photography Entrepreneurship Tips and Ideas

Entrepreneurial concepts to help increase your likelihood of success:

1. Zig when others zag

It seems to ‘go opposite’ from others is a good entrepreneurial idea.

For example, if everyone is addicted to Instagram, go opposite and delete your Instagram. If everyone is hopping on a certain photographic trend or genre, stop doing it and do something else instead.

If you’re imitating other (current) successful people and trends, you are already too late. Better to simply follow your own gut, and go in a direction which you feel the future is going in.

2. Extreme frugality

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If you want to succeed as a photography entrepreneur, embrace extreme frugality.

Making money through photography is insanely hard. Don’t drop thousands dollars to “invest” in your photography business. The amount of work you need to recoup that initial investment might take you months.

I want you to piss away money on gear

For example, keep using that “shitty” and “outdated” camera you already own. Having a fancier camera will NOT help you make more money or get more clients. 

When in doubt, don’t buy it. 

3. Start off by dominating a small niche.

It took me about 5-6 years to dominate the niche of street photography. Now I am “onto the next one”— I am fascinated in entrepreneurship and philosophy. Thus for the next 5-6 years I will pursue business, entrepreneurship, and philosophy with great hustle and zeal.

To increase your chances of success, don’t enter a crowded genre or niche. Either pursue an under-exploited genre, or better yet — start your own genre (#photolosophy and photography entrepreneurship).

4. Internet marketing

Hosting your own blog means that you can be indexed by Google. Thus, people can discover you (randomly) on Google.

The Internet has 3 billion+ users. The goal is to just get a tiny piece of that pie.

This means build your own blog and website (signup on and install

Furthermore, start your own YouTube channel. Start uploading videos — this is one of the most effective ways to get “discovered” by others.

Google pretty much owns the internet — thus if we desire to succeed, we gotta get in bed with her.

Embrace “search engine optimization” with your photography website and blog. This means write a lot and blog a lot on whatever niche you’re interested in. The more you blog, and the deeper your insights, the higher you will rise on Google.

5. Create your ideal vision of the future

MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER: Marketing, Branding, Entrepreneurship Principles For Success

As an entrepreneur, you are a risk taker, and a world maker. You’re dissatisfied with how things are right now. And instead of complaining, you’re out actually doing something about it! You’re creating something new!

For example, I hate Instagram. However instead of just moping around and complaining, I co-created ARS. My ultimate vision of ARS is to become the #1 platform for photographers and visual artists (


Thinking about death is probably one of the best ways to motivate yourself. Why? You realize that you have nothing to be afraid of.

You only got one life — why not attempt greatness?


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