ARS: Anti-Social Social Media for Photographers

If you’re a photographer that wants to harness the great powers of social media (yet hate the traditional forms of social media like Facebook/Instagram), is for you.

Anti-social extrovert

ADRIEN JEAN: French photographer in search for beauty in the streets of Saigon, Vietnam. See Adien’s ARS profile here >

I am a very social person, and I love people. For myself, art is the most fun when we have a creative/artistic community.

For example in photography, the biggest benefit I’ve made is the people I’ve met, the new cultures experienced, and the new social worlds which have opened up to me.

Yet– the problem is this:

With traditional social media (gamification with ‘likes’, followers, and metrics) we aren’t plugged into an artistic/creative community. Instead, we are on a ‘social media treadmill’ — trying to quantify/measure/compare ourselves with others– instead of competing against ourselves!

This is where ARS comes in.

ARS is not alike

STEFANO AVOLIO: We are the means the universe created to admire its own beauty. See Stefano’s ARS Profile Here >

ARS is different.


With ARS, we employ a ‘double blind’ algorithm– which means:

When you upload a photo to, the people who rate/critique/give feedback to your photo don’t know who you are, and you don’t know who they are (initially).

This means, you are more likely to get honest feedback/constructive critique on your photos to actually improve your photography.

A de-centralized community

Another innovative idea with ARS:

We are a community of creators and artists, but our community is de-centralized.

With our new ‘commissioned critiques‘ — you can use your ARS Coin to get more in-depth feedback/critique/review on your images.

Screenshot from

To me this is insanely revolutionary — here instead of accumulating ‘likes’, we accumulate ARS Coin (quantified manifestation of your creative labor), which you can use to actually get MORE feedback on your photos, in order to develop/grow/evolve as a photographer/visual-artist!

What is the future of photography?

I think we photographers often get distracted by cameras (GAS//gear acquisition syndrome). Once we have the best camera we need– then what?

It seems the only logical step:

Improve our photography, our own visual artistry, and improve our compositions.

This is why I believe so deeply in ARSBETA.COM — my photography feedback platform start-up.

A scalable solution to artistic thriving

Screenshot from RATE page in

After nearly a decade of doing workshops– this is what I learned:

What people most loved in the workshops is the critique/feedback giving portion.

My ability to give feedback as a teacher is limited. There is only so many people I can talk to at once.

Which made me wonder:

What if I could a create a platform that could ‘crowd-source’ the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ — to harness all this ‘cognitive surplus’ to help us all thrive as photographers?

This thought has manifested in ARSBETA.COM.

Try out the platform today, and let us all thrive together!


For collaborations or figure out how you can get involved, shoot us an email at