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How to Use Wealth

My thought:

It takes more wisdom to USE wealth (than to simply acquire it).

It is pretty straight-forward in accumulating wealth (live extremely frugally, have a higher income than your expenses).

For myself personally, I grew up poor and now (with the guidance of Cindy), I got many racks in the safe. Now the more interesting question:

How should I use my wealth? What is the ‘wise’ way to use wealth, and for what?

Money thoughts

Some quick thoughts:

  1. The goal is ‘financial freedom‘ (to live extremely frugally on little money). The goal isn’t “billionaire freedom”. I think it is relatively straight-forward to gain ‘financial freedom’ in one’s life. Hard to be frugal. But once you get financial freedom, then what?
  2. There is a limit to all the stuff you can buy. After much philosophizing it seems the best use of money is to buy tools of artistic creation (MacBook laptop, iPad, RICOH GR III).
  3. For clothes “all black everything” (all merino wool everything — I like merino wool products from, as well as the merino wool you can buy on Amazon). For shoes a good pair of lightweight NIKE trainers.
  4. As for cars, it seems the best car is no car (better to just UBER/LYFT everywhere). It is superior to NOT own a car, as you have more freedom to travel, live nomadically, etc.

How to use wealth

money cash

Now this is the question which is really fascinating to me:

Once one has accumulated wealth, how should one best use their superfluous wealth?

I don’t think the goal is to keep on accumulating and hoarding more money for the sake of your future children. Better to have them become financially independent by learning to apply to scholarships for college, and to work for a living (the upside of having them have part-time jobs really is the ultimate way to teach the value of a dollar).

1. Food (meat)


In ancient times, cattle was a counter of money. From a very basic level it makes sense to me:

First, money and wealth is used to purchase food.

I personally believe that meat (red fatty meat) is the supreme form of nutrition. I just eat how the ancient heroes of Homer ate in the Iliad/Odyssey (no eating during the day, with massive meals and festivals in the evening after a victorious day of fighting).

I’ve learned recently: don’t be too cheap when it comes to your food or your nutrition. A practical tip is this:

Shop at ‘discount’ grocery stores, and purchase all the delicious meats you want.

I personally like to buy tons of eggs, fatty cuts of steak, ground beef, ground pork, pork chops, pork belly, etc. Currently it seems that the best regimen for me is ‘intermittent fasting’ during the day (no food during the day, only coffee and water) and to eat insane amounts of food in the evening/dinner.

Even if you go to more expensive grocery stores like Whole Foods (which I find is actually far more affordable now), just buy the cheapest cuts of meat (whatever is discounted), and eggs. Don’t spend trillions of dollars on Avocados, strange hipster foods, and almond milk.

2. Experiences

sunset cruise

I never regret spending money on experiences. This includes traveling, going on cruises, and transit/accommodations associated with traveling/nomadic living (AirBnb, Uber, flights, etc). I still prefer to travel on the cheap (I always buy cheapest flights on Kayak or Google Flights), and I don’t like staying in expensive places. Why? No matter how nice the place is (as long as it is expensive), I feel like I got suckered somehow. So even my travels are on the cheap.

3. Building things

Money to pay for the hosting of this website (as well as any other internet marketing/entrepreneurship services like my email newsletter on Money to pay for Dropbox Pro for cloud storage, etc.

I think the term ‘investment’ is a poor one. Why? I don’t think there are any true investments. Generally speaking investing in yourself is the best (not investing in the speculative stock market, etc).

Perhaps money is best used as a tool. As a tool to build things. To build companies (, build structures, build your artistic dreams.

4. Having money to NOT think about money

I think you’re only truly rich if you no longer think about money. As long as you are still thinking about money, you probably don’t got enough.

And this is the interesting thing:

No matter how many dollars you got in your bank account, you can still feel ‘poor’ (or that you lack). For example if the billionaire still feels like they don’t have enough money and is always anxious about their finances, they will probably still be ‘poor’.

5. Spending money on others

I’ve personally discovered that spending money on others is always the best ‘bang for the buck’ in terms of giving joy (paying for the meals of others, friends, and family). Even Cindy and I have traveled with our moms quite a lot, and paying for their flights, accommodations, and expenses has always brought us (and them) great joy.

There needs to be more philosophizing on wise ways to use money

It seems for myself, it seems the best way to be ‘wise’ when it comes to money is this:

Don’t use your money UN-WISELY.

This is a ‘via negativa’ (Nassim Taleb) approach to thinking about wealth.

Wisdom in using wealth isn’t HOW you use it, it is how you DON’T waste it.


Wisdom in financial procrastination

It seems then following your gut is the best bet. Wise procrastination on purchasing things is always good. For example, I haven’t purchased a phone in almost 5+ years because I didn’t think any new phone on the market was “worth it”. Now the new iPhone 11 Pro got released, it is the first phone I actually want to buy. Thank God I waited — because now I am not stuck with some older iPhone (like an iPhone X or iPhone XS) in which I would feel guilty for upgrading.


What is your personal wealth philosophy?

travel notes

It also seems wise to ignore the ‘financial wisdom’ of others. Why? No matter how rich or smart they are, their personal preferences and lifestyle will be different than yours. They will always have different aims than you.

Furthermore the big problem about money and wealth is this:

There are too many moralistic judgements about money, how to use your money, how NOT to use your money.

For example even in America, there are still lots of notions of ‘prudence’ attached to wealth. Unless you’re a rapper, it is still frowned upon to “waste” your money (Protestant work ethic, and old Puritan/British thinking on money).

abstract collage

In truth, when others are telling you that you’re “wasting your money”, you actually might be most wisely using your money. I think the goal is this:

Strive to create your own comprehensive theory and philosophy about money, economics, value, and wealth. Then follow your gut, your personal plan, and also allow for yourself some flexibility.

I want to die with $0 in the bank

After I die, I cannot use my money. I will never create a trust fund for my future children (if I did, they would probably become lazy, not appreciate the ethic of hard work and hustle, they wouldn’t learn self-reliance, and it would probably do them a major DISSERVICE). So it seems my personal goal is to wisely leverage my money while I am still alive, and never go broke.

And perhaps that is another thing:

Being rich is NOT being in debt, and NEVER going broke.

If you’re a millionaire and in debt, you’re still “poor”. In ancient times, being in debt meant being a slave. And it don’t matter how rich you once were (like MC HAMMER), you want to NEVER GO BROKE while you’re still alive!

Cindy cloth
Berlin, 2019 #cindyproject

My current life goals

Berlin, 2019 #ericproject by CINDY
Berlin, 2019 #ericproject by CINDY

My current life goals:

  1. Never run out of artistic creative energy, innovative ideas, and physiological power to create.
  2. Continue to think, philosophize, on life and art.
  3. Never stop making new images, artwork, and photos, while pushing the culture and genre of photography forward.
  4. To deadlift 500 pounds.
  5. To continually experiment with different modes of living, to create and share ideas which empower others.

It seems that money isn’t really associated with these goals.

Then perhaps ‘wealth’ is simply physiological health, mental and physical strength, and creative power?


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