Unified Field Theory for Photography

Similar to Elon Musk — unified field theory of his companies (Space X, Tesla, Solar City) all working together and feeding into one another (Ashlee Vance idea from his biography on Musk).

Basic idea for us as photographers — let us create our own unified field theory to connect all the aspects of photography:

  1. Control over our digital photos: shoot JPEG, and not dependent on just one photo software or platform.
  2. Own your own platform: WordPress.org website/blog, hosted on bluehost.com or 1and1.com. Own your own domain name, your own FTP server, and ability to share your own photos on your own terms.
  3. Direct connection with your followers with email mailing list (mailchimp.com)

The basic notion is this: control the means of production, control the means of distributing your photos, and control the means of publishing your photos. Digital Marxism notion.

Less control in the hands of Facebook-Instagram.

Also, dictate your own rules of success. Beyond money, beyond followers, beyond likes, beyond brand deals. Beyond gear.

My notions of success in photography

  1. Artistic curiosity, innovation, and childlike willingness to have fun!
  2. Challenging conventions in photography and art
  3. Making images which impress you. Sharing these images with others.
  4. Building a small yet loyal following.
  5. Seeing more possibilities and opportunities in photography than seeing downsides. Child’s and beginner’s mind.

Photography Entrepreneurship 101

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