Eric Kim Ricoh gr iii selfie

RICOH GR III is the Best Black and White Camera

Ricoh GR 3 has the most epic dynamic range for monochrome I’ve seen thus far!


All with high contrast jpeg on RICOH GR III. The best out of camera monochrome I’ve seen so far!

Fast and direct

LCD refresh rate much improved. See monochrome in real time.

The world looks more beautiful in monochrome

Color is beautiful as well, but for myself, I ultimately prefer monochrome. Why?

  1. Monochrome as simpler. Everything looks (somewhat) good in monochrome. Color is more challenging and tricky — not everything looks good in color.
  2. Monochrome photos look better without a flash. For nicer color photos, you need either good light, or to use a flash.
  3. Monochrome ages better: Monochrome already looks ‘retro’, and will always look retro. I know for myself, my old monochrome photos look as good as my more modern monochrome photos.

Once again, I think monochrome and color are equal (the best photographer will be able to master both). But ultimately, you must decide for yourself what type of vision you prefer.

RICOHGR3 as insanely fun to shoot with!

I am having so much fun shooting with the RICOH GR III. I truly believe that if you love photography, and want the best ‘standalone’ digital camera for photography (and monochrome), pick the RICOH GR III.

It will simplify your photographic life, allow you to shoot more, think less, and experience more!



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