The New Photography Culture

What would an “ideal” photography culture look like? Some of my personal thoughts:

1. Self-motivated

First of all, we make photos for purely autotelic reasons (for ourselves, self-directed motives). We make photos to please our own insatiable eyes; we strive to make stronger photos to satiate our visual hunger.

2. Gear-agnostic

No camera equipment is perfect or ideal for everyone. And technology in photography is constantly in a state of flux.


Never stay married to one camera (or camera system) for the rest of your life.

Allow yourself to experiment with new camera systems, formats, approaches, techniques, etc.

3. Own your own platform

Stop using or delete your Facebook, Instagram, or other “free” photo sharing platform. You can only truly thrive as a visual creator and artist if you own all the means of creation. Your desire is to become a “vertically integrated” visual factory — you own your blog, website, and means of publishing / sharing your work.

4. Never stop innovating

Lastly, we always are always hungry for more. We are implacable. We cannot be appeased, satiated, or satisfied. And this is what drives us to innovate in our photography, approach, and life.

We are hungry and thirsty for fresh new visual blood, new ways of seeing and experiencing the world, and living life!


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