Zen Entrepreneurship

A new way of seeing and approaching entrepreneurship:

Strive to simplify and improve the lives of others, instead of complicating and creating “false desires” the lives of others.

For example, the iPhone as the ultimate zen creative tool. The vision of Steve Jobscross-pollinating his love for Japanese-Zen-Kyoto aesthetics, his will to simplicity, and his love of beauty-music-poetry-calligraphy.

Elon Musk keeping the Tesla lineup of cars simple. Striving to subtract the superfluous from the designs of the cars. Note the extreme beauty and minimalism of the interior of a Tesla Model 3. Or the huge innovation he made with the “flush door handle” designs.

The zen of filtering

The success of google: being able to simplify information and knowledge-retrieval. Google simplifies our lives by REDUCING the number of things to research. Showing a top result for a certain keyword or phrase simplifies our lives.

The next frontier of email: the ability to REDUCE the number of emails and messages you get in a given day. Gmail attempts with “priority email inbox”, and filtering spam and promotional emails in a separate folder.

Simplify the lives of others

To achieve simplicity is insanely difficult and challenging. But the rewards are great. For myself in my never-ending quest for optimal simplicity, I’ve innovated much, increased my creative production, published more, stressed less, had more fun, and improved my life.

Simple is hard and the rewards are great!

If you can create an entrepreneurial service or product which massively simplifies or reduced the complexity, stress, or frustration of others, you will indeed become a wealthy person!


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