I’ve written much on why blog, how to start and setup your own blog, but not much on how to blog. This will be a distillation of everything I’ve learned thus far from blogging (from age 15 to age 31)— 16+ years!

1. Anti-perfection

I believe the beauty of blogging (publishing to your own web log) is one of the most beautiful boons of technology. It has empowered all of us to become our own publishers, and for us to no longer be held back by gatekeepers.

One big principle for me is this:

Realize there isn’t any perfection in blogging, and the point isn’t to make a “perfect” (or even a well-polished) blog post.

To me, it is about sharing your raw thoughts, feelings — sometimes distilled wisdom, sometimes random thoughts you got on your mind.

But realize and recognize through blogging — you’re in a state of becoming!

2. Think of your blog as a dynamic book, online journal, or publication

The bias right now is that we think of blogging as a ‘lesser’ form of publishing and sharing ideas. I state that blogging is a superior form of publishing from traditional publishing. Why? It is a more robust, flexible, and dynamic technology for us to press our thoughts. It is truly the new Gutenberg press (Neo Gutenberg).

3. Publish, update, edit, modify, and remix as you go

For me, blogging is most fun when you have NO IDEA how your blog post will turn out (before) you start.

Thus, blogging is a bit of an adventure. There isn’t a clear path, nor a clear final destination. A bit trite, but the saying: “The journey is the reward” seems to ring true here.

This is the tip:

When you have any random idea about anything you want to blog about, put the idea in the title and instantly publish it.

Then after publishing it, continue to add to the blog post, and click ‘Update’ as you go.

4. Create information you would like to read yourself

It is impossible to know what others would want to read. But I know what I want to read.

I personally prefer information which I find personal, practical, and empowering. Thus, I create blog posts I would like to see exist!

Los Angeles, 2019 #cindyproject

Therefore treat blogging as an opportunity for you to create information you would like to see exist in the world. Or in other words:

Blog about what you would like to read yourself.

There ain’t no rules. Just write naturally, have fun, and I encourage you to keep it playful and conversational. I like to write how I talk in real life.

5. Use any device

Los Angeles, 2019 #cindyproject

This is another realization:

All devices are good. Use any of them to blog.

I call this ‘creative cycling‘. The basic notion is this:

When it comes to blogging, cycle between your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

I find that when I type on a laptop, I communicate ideas differently than when I’m on a phone or tablet.

If you find yourself “on the go” a lot, I encourage you to blog directly from your phone! For example, I’ve been shooting all my photos only on an iPhone (HUJI CAM APP), using Photos to select my photos, and I can directly upload my photos from my iPhone to this blog directly! Furthermore, I will type/blog from the iPhone, which is a good strategy– as it makes me less verbose and more direct.

Los Angeles, 2019. Shot on HUJI CAM with iPhone 6s Plus

6. All media and forms of communication are good

I think one thing that a lot of people misunderstand:

All forms of communication are legitimate. There ain’t a “superior” form of communication.

For example, some of us are visual communicators. Some of us communicate via dance. Some of us write poetry, make videos, or orate (speak).

The great thing about blogging is that we can publish ALL forms of communication. All we need is an iPhone and an internet connection, and we are good!

7. Useful, practical, fun, interesting

When it comes to blogging, how do you know what to blog about?

My suggestion:

Blog in a spirit of play. Never blog against your own will. Never blog from a feeling of guilt that you “haven’t blogged in a while.”

Only blog about ideas you personally are enthusiastic/passionate about.

For myself, I like to blog things which I consider useful, practical, fun, and interesting. And of course being a photographer, I like to share photos!

Los Angeles, 2019

8. Never stop iterating

Los Angeles, 2019

One of the best tips I have about blogging:

The goal is to never stop blogging.

For example, I desire to keep blogging until I die at age 120.

The cool thing about blogging is that there is no friction, no pressure, no gate-keepers, no editors, or no teachers who are grading you. You have 100% control!

Thus the question you must pose for yourself is this:

How can I structure my life and blogging so I never bore of it? How can I keep it fun, unto eternity?

9. Stop blogging when you’re bored

How do you know when to end a blog post?

My simple suggestion:

Stop updating/stop writing a post once you get bored with it.

On that note, I’m out!


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