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How to Become a More Creative Photographer

Creative photography is our pursuit. Thus the simple question:

How do we become *more* creative in our photography?

Some thoughts:

1. Create every day, and utilize all your creative muscles


The first thing:

Strive to be creative every day.


To maximize your creative output, utilize all parts of your creative muscles (photograph, draw, writing, etc).

You may have some opportunities to make photos, and other opportunities to draw, and write. Consider that photography means ‘writing with light’. So if you want to become more artistic and creative, focusing on the creative writing arts will help you much. Same goes with drawing — it isn’t about drawing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ — it is drawing things which are fun and authentic to you.

For example, you can do it digitally like me (I prefer to create digitally). Zen Brush is fun on iPad and iPhone:

2. Shoot small JPEG for digital photography

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  • tree snow
  • selfie triangle ERIC KIM
  • selfie building ERIC KIM
  • selfie face no glasses

A very practical tip:

Shooting small JPEG (with a filter in-camera) is far more conducive to creativity in photography.

Why? It lowers the barrier to shooting. It allows you to shoot more, and to experiment more.

3. Share your photos on your blog

Self-hosted blog is the best place to publish your photos. Experiment with new ways of sharing your photos, whether they be video slideshows, standard photo slideshow, ‘tiled galleries‘, standard galleries, and different widths (standard, wide, or super-wide).

4. Shoot video


To become a more creative photographer, also shoot video. Even Stanley Kubrick was an adept photographer before he picked up film and cinema. And many photographers (Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson) have pursued video as well.

5. Analyze and dissect your own compositions to figure out *why* you like them.

  • Simple composition
  • Simplify compositions ERIC KIM
  • Simplest composition ERIC KIM

By analyzing my own compositions, I derive new insights which are personally helpful to me, but also personally beneficial to others.

We are not just photographers; we are visual artists. Once we can affirm this fact to ourselves, then we can truly thrive as photographers.

6. Having the most advantageous camera to you

Another huge thing:

The camera you use is important insofar much as the best camera is that which gets shot the most.


7. Enjoy the photographic journey

Recognize that your photography is a journey. As a good traveler knows:

It isn’t the destination which is important … is is the experiences you accumulate and the courage you exhibit *during* the journey which matters.



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