15 Tips How to Make More Interesting Photos

Basic ideas:

1. Look for faces in abstract shapes

2. Shoot from a low angle, shoot with a flash, and have your subject’s hand cover their face

3. Off-center composition

4. Selfie with flash

5. Minus-exposure compensation at sunset

6. Repeating words

7. Selfie through distorted surfaces

8. Point at stuff in your picture

Use your own hand:

9. Bottom-heavy composition

10. Photograph your everyday life

Photograph funny things– like your ghetto standing desk:

11. Selfie inside geometric shapes

Like my hexagonal mirror:

12. Details

Don’t show everything; just a small detail like a kiss in a mirror:

13. Put your selfie in the picture

I put Cindy’s eye on top of one of the kisses in the mirror, and myself in the picture:

14. Use a flash

Shot with RICOH GR II with flash, in P mode:

I am still amazed– the best part of shooting with a ‘standalone’ digital camera is the use of the flash — a stronger integrated flash (like on RICOH GR II) or an external flash. Something that smartphones are not (yet) that great at:

15. Hands and arms in different directions

Photography 101

Dear friend,

If you’re new to photography, start here:

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  2. Free Photography Bootcamp
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Photography Tips

Photography Articles

Mad men. NYC, 2017. Pentax 645Z

Photography Techniques

Everyday Photography

RICOH GR II selfie in mirror, double eye surreal. Prague, 2017
RICOH GR II selfie in mirror, double eye surreal. Prague, 2017

Color Photography 101

Photography Philosophy

Cindy white face. Saigon, 2017

Photography Inspiration

The Fundamentals of Photography

Photography Equipment »

How to Take Better Photos »

Composition Lessons »

Photography Assignments »

Contact Sheets »

laughing lady contact sheet NYC eric kim

Editing (Image Selection) »

eric kim laughing lady nyc

Creativity »

eric kim Cindy project reflection flash

Motivation »

eric kim portrait by Cindy nguyen


dark skies over Tokyo eric kim

How to Create a Body of Work

AMERICA - ERIC KIM16 eric kim woman popsicle

Technical Photography Settings

eric kim mom glasses

Learn From the Masters of Photography


“He without a past has no future.”

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The Masters of Photography

Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos
Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos

Classics never die:

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